Social Media

I want to be your friend!

Social Media is all around us. Your practice may have a presence on a social media site. So that means you should allow social media access from your practice's computers, right?

Their is a case for and against professional practices using or allowing the use of social media. It can be used for collaboration, a connection to patients, a marketing tool, and a place to tell your story. On the down side it can be used against a practice or individual, it can carry significant liability for disclosure of confidential information, it can lead to inefficiencies in the work place, and is a substantial risk for becoming infected with a virus and mal ware. That puts your practice at risk.

Social media is not necessarily bad, it can be a great business tool. But that's the key "business tool". Certainly no professional practice or business should ignore social media or its implications. It is the new way to communicate with others about life and work.

We help formulate sensible policies regarding social media for your practice. Then we can help make sure they are followed.

Here are some good papers on Social Media: