External Access
All practice access externally throuigh the Internet is monitored, filtered, and protected prior to reaching or leaving the network. Each interaction with the Internet is checked to make sure it complies with security standards for the network. Activities that do not comply with those standards are denied and reported. This fully protects all devices attached to a practice's network while interacting across the Internet. This is accomplished with monitored gateway security. Read More...

Internal Access

Security inside the perimeter more important than Gateway security. Research shows us that the incidence of electronic record breaches and system compromise is higher from within than without. The damage can be done intentionally or unintentionally. Either way your practice is at risk. We limit this by installing best in class security for workstations, tablets, laptops, and smart phones. Virtually any device that can access your data is protected and monitored. As needed we can give a practice data encryption or token security for records transmitted outside the practice.

Security Monitoring

Security systems that are not monitored deteriorate over time. New threats, personnel changes, new computers, and software changes all redefine the metrics of systems/records security. What is true today will not be true tomorrow, and will be ancient history next week. Continuous security monitoring of systems and users is part of the CYRSS package. We can watch overall security performance applications, Internet usage, and records/data movement. We quickly identify issues and policy violations before they become a problem.

Secure Wireless Access for Staff and Guests

Wireless access for staff and guests presents unique security challenges. Now practices can allow controlled wireless access to the internet for staff and guests while allowing staff secure wireless access to office network assets. We provide fully secure wireless systems to protect your records and allowi a practice controlled wireless access to the internet.

Training, Documentation, Policies

This is required by law. The very first thing any OCR/HIPAA audit wants to see is the documentation that shows staff training and documentation showing compliance with HIPAA/HITECH requirements. If they get that the audit can end there.
We can help with that. CYRSS can provide a practice with easy on line training and the right documentation. We will update those to meet changes in the practice and in the laws and regulations making sure that training and documentation is fully up to date.
The best defense comes through trained employess and good documentation on practices and proceedures . We provide your practice with cost effective and easy on line training materials and testing for compliance. We also provide full documentation as required by HIPAA to satisfy both state and federal requirements.

We Manage Security for You