Security Forensics

If you don't watch you don't see when bad things start to happen. The point of records security is to prevent data loss and systems down time.

Threat changes, hardware changes, personnel changes, software changes, and organizational changes are just some of the factors that can outdate records security. A practice's electronic records security needs to be monitored and updated to meet the ever changing environment around it.

We help a practice set up data at rest and data in motion security policies that fit the practice's business model. The system can monitor as much or as little systems activity as determined necessary. A breach in records/systems security policies can trigger:

  1. Automated alerting of violations.
  2. Automated denial of action.
  3. Automated records/system access denial.
  4. Logging of events.
  5. Recording of actual keystrokes.
  6. Screen shot recording.
  7. Attaching external device access denial.

CYRSS's security specialists can review all alert notifications generated to determine genuine areas of concern from false positives. We then adjust the settings to eliminate false positives. Over time the system becomes closely tuned to the business model of the practice and the usage patterns of personnel in the practice. It is then easy to spot abnormalities when they happen, not after.

Designated individuals in the practice and/or our specialists can modify any automated action taken by the system to accommodate legitimate exceptions from established security rules and policies. This maintains total flexibility of operation without compromising security policies.

Security Monitoring