The Insider Threat

The most breaches, the most damage, the least protected

    Firewalls on all computers, virus and mal ware defense, email checking, and policies in place. Is your practice safe? Depends.........

    If everyone follows the policies, if no one brings their own device, if nobody becomes disgruntled, if there is not a thief in the midst, then your odds are fair. But it only takes once. Data breaches or systems compromises are most often caused by personnel with legitimate access to a practice's systems. The breach or damage may or may not be malicious. It doesn't matter, the results are the same. A data breach and your practice is responsible.

    The right safeguards can greatly mitigate insider threats whether innocent or malicious. Data can be protected and productivity increased through application, web browsing, and personal device controls. A practice can even monitor mobile devices not hooked to their network, and if stolen locate them or wipe them clean.

    We can help a practice protect their data, enforce policies, and monitor devices cost effectively and without the complexity involved in other systems.

    We Watch so You don't have to.